Pay-As-You-Go Geocoding

Only pay for what you use. No subscription required.

With Geocodio's pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay for what you use. There is no monthly subscription required or recurring charges.

Free Tier

Everyone gets the first 2,500 lookups for free per day.

You Only Pay Above the Free Tier

You only pay for usage above the daily free tier. This means that if you have 2,200 lookups one day and 2,800 the next, you'll only pay for 300 lookups.

Monthly Rolled-Up Payment Cadence

We charge for pay-as-you-go usage on the first of the following month.

For example, if you upload a file on March 15, you will be charged on April 1.

You are only charged if you have usage above the free tier for the previous month.

No Subscription Fees

There are no recurring subscription fees for the pay-as-you-go plan. You only pay for what you use.

Predict Your Costs

You can estimate your costs with our pricing calculator. You can see a running balance on the dashboard at any time.

Prevent Runaway Bills

We have two ways for your to control your usage and your bill:

  • Usage limits. You can set a usage limit for your account, for up to 50,000 lookups per day. Requests will fail above the limit you set.
  • Credits. You can purchase credits to ensure you don't exceed a certain dollar amount.

Volume Discounts

We automatically apply volume discounts to your monthly usage starting at 500,000 lookups per month.

If you want to lock in a higher volume discount regardless of your usage cadence, you can purchase credits.

Full Access

Everyone has access to all of Geocodio's features -- API, spreadsheet uploads, and data appends.

Rate Limiting

Our pay-as-you-go plan has a rate limit of 1,000 lookups per minute. If you need to exceed this, you can use our Unlimited plan. The Unlimited plan is not rate limited and gives you dedicated resources and is not rate limited.

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Unlimited Geocoding

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Update Your Billing Settings

Go to the Geocodio Dashboard to update your billing settings, including deleting/changing your credit card, buying credits, and setting a usage limit.
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