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Address completion

Geocodio can be used to complete incomplete addresses. You can submit full addresses in different formats as well as incomplete addresses. All of the following are acceptable inputs:

Address components supplied Example
Street/City/State, directional and street type abbreviated 1109 N Highland St, Arlington VA
Street/City/State, directional abbreviated, street type spelled out 1109 N Highland Street, Arlington VA
Street/City/State, both direction and street type spelled out 1109 North Highland Street, Arlington VA
Street/ZIP code 1109 N Highland St, 22201
City/State Arlington, VA
City Arlington
County Santa Clara County
Street/County 1 Infinite Loop, Santa Clara County
Street/County/State 1 Infinite Loop, Santa Clara County, CA
Street/County/State 1 Infinite Loop, Santa Clara County, CA
Street/County/City/State 1 Infinite Loop, Santa Clara County, Cupertino CA
State VA
ZIP Code 22201

As long as you supply at least Street/City/State or Street/ZIP code, Geocodio can return a full completed and standardized address street, city, state, zip and county. In 90% of cases, these combinations will have a result that is either on the exact rooftop or in front of the parcel on the street. If only a city/state or ZIP is given, a centroid will be returned. (See more about accuracy here.)


  • If a city is given without a street or state, the city with the largest population will be assumed.
  • If a country is not specified in the query, the Geocodio engine will assume the country to be USA.

Please note that at this time, Geocodio is not CASS certified by USPS. If you require CASS-certified address completion, such as for shipping purposes, a different vendor may be a better fit.

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