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Families (Census)

With Geocodio, you can match addresses or coordinates to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey data on households and families. You can upload a spreadsheet, or use our API.

This data is provided at the Census Block Group level and is available from the five-year American Community Survey, last published in 2019. (The 1-year American Community Surveys do not have granularity at this level.)

This data is for the Census Block Group. It is not for the individual household. In order to receive accurate data, you must supply a street address, intersection, or coordinates.

You can download an example of the results when you add Census family household information to a list of addresses here.

We provide the data exactly as it is packaged by the Census Bureau in the breakouts it gives. The only change we have made is to add a "percentage" calculation to aid ease of use.

The data returned includes the following data points. For each data point, the data returned includes the value, margin of error, and percentage.

  • Family households (Table #B11001)

    • total; married-couple family; other family; other family: male householder, no wife present; other family: female householder, no husband present; non-family households; non-family households -- householder living alone; non-family households -- householder not living alone
  • Household type by population (Table #B11002)

    • total; in family households; in married-couple family; in married-couple family: relatives; in married-couple family: non-relatives; in male householder, no wife present, family; in male householder, no wife present, family: relatives; in male householder, no wife present, family: nonrelatives; in female householder, no husband present, family; in female householder, no husband present, family: relatives; in female householder, no husband present, family: in nonfamily households
  • Marital status (Table #B12001)

    • never married; now married; now married: married, spouse present; married, spouse absent; married, spouse absent: separated; married, spouse absent: other; married, spouse absent, widowed; married, spouse absent, divorced; male never married; female never married

We recognize that household composition is a sensitive subject. Accordingly, we report the categories exactly as the Census Bureau provides. We recognize that the categories listed may not be all-inclusive or use preferred terminology.