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What is a Census Block Group?

With Geocodio, you can add Census data like household income, demographics, and more to addresses and coordinates.

We return Census matches at the Census Block Group level from the 5-year version of the American Community Survey. The Census block group is the smallest unit for which the Census provides this data. (The Census also publishes a version of the American Community Survey every year, known as the 1-year version, but it does not provide granularity at this level.)

Census block groups are groups of Census Blocks that are connected to one another. They are geographic areas drawn by the Census that span approximately 600-3,000 households. This means it's possible that two houses on opposite sides of the street, or even next to one another, can be in different Census block groups and thus result in different data.

Census blocks, tracts, and other geographies can also change every year. This means that if you were to append data for one address for the 2020 Census year and the 2010 Census year, you would receive different data. When you upload a file or run data through our API, you can select the Census year for which you would like the data.

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