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State Legislative Districts

Given an address or latitude/longitude coordinate pair, Geocodio can return information about the location's state legislative districts. You can upload a spreadsheet, or use our API.

You can download an example of the results when you add state House and Senate or Unicameral districts to a spreadsheet of addresses here or to latitude/longitude coordinates here

State legislative data returned

For states with bicameral districts:

  • Lower chamber (House) district name
  • Lower chamber (House) district number
  • Upper chamber (Senate) district name
  • Upper chamber (Senate) district number

For state with a unicameral legislature, such as Nebraska, data will be returned under a "Senate" header.

We do not currently return data for multi-member districts, but this is on our roadmap.

We do not return state legislator contact information. (This is not on our current roadmap.)

Download an example

You can download an example spreadsheet of addresses with state House and Senate or Unicameral districts added here.

API to convert addresses or coordinates to state legislative districts

If you would prefer to programmatically integrate state legislative district data, you can see our API documentation for state legislative district appends here.


Requests are billed as geocode + state legislative info (i.e., two lookups). For example, if you have 100 addresses that you want state legislative districts for, that would count as 200 lookups.

You can calculate how much this will cost you and how long it will take here.

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