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Team Accounts

Accounts on both the pay-as-you-go and Unlimited plans have the ability to create a Team Account. This allows the administrator to invite and remove users, and billing information is hidden from child accounts.

As the administrator of a Team account, you'll be able to:

  • View and manage all usage, API keys, and uploads across your Team
  • Add and remove sub-accounts
  • Manage billing and receive consolidated receipts

Invited team members will be able to:

  • Make lookups that count towards the overall Team account's usage
  • Upload and view their own spreadsheets
  • Create and delete their own API keys
  • See your API keys

Invited people will not be able to:

  • Delete your API keys or those of other team members
  • Access billing and payment information
  • See other Team members' uploaded spreadsheets
  • Access usage data
  • Invite others

You can switch your account to be the administrator of a Team Account on the dashboard.

If you need to invite someone who has a pre-existing Geocodio account, we'll need to delete their account first. Please have them download any needed information from their account and have them email us to request the account deletion. You'll then be able to invite them to your team.