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Sales Taxes

As a result of growth, Geocodio is now required to collect sales taxes in various states across the US and Canada.

We determine tax based on your shipping address—i.e., the location of the end user. (As sales taxes originate in the physical products world, this is how tax authorities think about it.)

If we do not have your shipping address, we assume your billing address is your shipping address. You can update your billing address on the dashboard. If you need to add your shipping address, please email us.

The prices displayed on our website don’t include sales tax or value-added tax because each country and region charges a different tax rate.

If we're required to collect sales tax in your state or province, you'll see it added to your subscription or pay-as-you-go invoice.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

If your organization is exempt from sales tax, please these follow these steps to request the removal of sales taxes from future invoices. (We cannot refund sales taxes already collected, so we suggest doing this right away when creating an account.)

501(c)(3) status from the IRS is not sufficient proof of state or city sales tax exemption, as sales taxes are determined at the local rather than federal level in the US.

You are required to add Dotsquare LLC dba Geocodio to your tax exemption certificate before submitting it:

Dotsquare LLC dba Geocodio 440 Monticello Ave Ste 1802 #43146 Norfolk, VA 23510 USA

You can submit a tax exemption certificate here. Your submission will be reviewed before being applied to your account.

Uploading Your Certificate in the Dashboard (Video Tutorial)

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