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Getting Started

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Styling Maps

Once you've added a spreadsheet to your map, you can style certain elements to your liking - customizing its appearance to better visualize the data you've provided.


To style your markers, open the "Style" menu in the top left corner of the uploaded spreadsheet. You'll see a number of different options to choose from:

  • Icon: Geocodio Maps defaults to a circular marker, but you can also select from a variety of other options that can better define the type of location the marker is pointing to.
  • Color: Choose from a variety of preset colors for your markers or enter your own color code to customize the result.
  • Size: You can adjust the markers between three different sizes.

Screenshot of Style Menu

Customizing Column Styles

If you've included a column in your spreadsheet that defines each of your addresses as part of a category, you can style and color code the categories separately to make your map more dynamic.

For example, if you had a column called "Business Type" and assigned a category like "Restaurant", "Retail", "Office", "Contractor", etc to each of your records, you could style each of these categories with different marker icons, colors and even sizes.

Screenshot of Style Menu

To do this, click the drop down menu at the top of the style menu and select the spreadsheet column that contains your categories. You'll see a window appear that should include a page for each of the categories. As you scroll through each option, you'll be provided the ability to style them one at a time. Each individual category can appear in whatever way is useful to you.

Here's an example of what a map with multiple categories might look like:

Screenshot of Map Example


If you open the "Popups" menu, you can create a popup that will appear when you click on a marker on the map. You can type custom text in the text box or use the @ symbol to retrieve data from specific columns in your spreadsheet.

Screenshot of Popups Menu

For example, if you had a "Formatted Address" column, you could enter @Formatted Address and we'll display that data for each individual point on your map.

If you have a column that includes image URLS, you can also display those images as part of the popup by selecting the image column in the dropdown form at the bottom of the menu.


If you've customized multiple categories, we automatically provide a legend in the top corner of your map. This will break down any color coding or icons attributes to each category. You can turn this legend on and off by click on the "Legend" menu and toggling the checkbox within.

Screenshot of Legend Menu

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