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Additional Instances

Geocodio Unlimited customers can elect to add additional instance(s) to their subscriptions to linearly scale capacity.

Additional instances have the same processing capacity as the base subscription (~5M lookups per day, or 200,000 per hour when optimized with batch processing).

We will host, load balance, and manage the cluster for you. No changes are needed on your end. Your API key stays the same. However, if you wish to have one API key per instance, you may do so. Current Unlimited customers may use the Instances Dashboard to assign API keys to instances.

Additional instances can be added month-to-month without commitment.

Unlimited customers can add and remove instances via the Instances Dashboard. You can also see current instance load on this page. If you have a Team account, only the administrator can access this page.

Example Scenarios

Large Batch: You work for a bank and have a list of 150 million properties you need to geocode within the next two weeks. With a base Geocodio Unlimited instance, this would take 30 days (150/5). With two additional instances (three total), you could process 15 million per day and complete the list in about 10 days. You want to add two additional instances for one month only. You add the instances from the Instances Dashboard and then immediately cancel them, which gives you access for 30 days and turns off renewal.

Ongoing needs: You work for a company that does fleet management for farm equipment. You receive reports from the equipment at midnight daily and need time zones appended so they are saved in your database for the right day (and a report from 12:01am in Delaware is not logged as 9:01 pm in California). You have 4 million tractors and other pieces of farm equipment that you're getting reports from. Since the time zone appends are an extra lookup, this works out to 8 million lookups per day. You add an additional instance to your base subscription, and perhaps opt to do so annually and save 5%.

If you have questions about additional instances, please email us.

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