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What happened to counties in Connecticut?

As of 12/1/2022 Geocodio now returns county-equivalent designations based on Connecticut's 9 Councils of Government for the "county" value in API responses and for processed spreadsheets.

Why was this change made?

Almost all functions of county government were abolished in Connecticut in 1960. Due to this, Connecticut has decided to officially migrate from using legacy County designations to county-equivalents based on Connecticut's 9 Councils of Government for statistical purposes.

You can read more about this change here:

What are the county-equivalent regions?

  • Capitol Planning Region
  • Greater Bridgeport Planning Region
  • Lower Connecticut River Valley Planning Region
  • Naugatuck Valley Planning Region
  • Northeastern Connecticut Planning Region
  • Northwest Hills Planning Region
  • South Central Connecticut Planning Region
  • Southeastern Connecticut Planning Region
  • Western Connecticut Planning Region

Map of new Connecticut county-equivalents

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