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Why are latitudes/longitudes slightly different when reverse geocoding?

After uploading a spreadsheet for reverse geocoding, you will likely notice your spreadsheet looking something like this:

Screenshot of latitude/longitude coordinates in a spreadsheet

In addition to the submitted coordinates, Geocodio will append a Latitude and Longitude column with the actual location that was geocoded.

The location is often slightly different, as Geocodio will "snap" to the nearest matching address.

Here's an example of what that looks like:

Comparison of geocoded results, showing one closer to the street and one on the rooftop

The submitted coordinate is on the lot, but closer to the street. Geocodio returns the rooftop coordinate, directly on the building.

Generally, we will "snap" to locations that are within a 500 foot threshold. If the nearest location is further away, we will fall back to a lower accuracy type such as nearest_street or nearest_place.

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