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Instance load

Geocodio Unlimited comes without any rate limits. You are free to process as many lookups as you wish, but at higher throughputs the performance of the instance may be affected. This can result in higher response times or request timeouts.

You can use the "Instances" section of the Geocodio Dashboard to monitor the load of your dedicated instances. The load is a good, general indicator of the "health" of each instance.

What are high load numbers?

When your instance load increases beyond 80% you may start seeing performance issues or slowdowns.

An instance load above 100% is critical, and may have severe impact on geocoding performance.

Example instance load

What should be done when high load numbers are observed?

When load numbers go beyond 80% for one or more dedicated instance, you should consider any of the following options:

  1. Decrease your throughput. If possible, spread API requests out further — i.e. process backlogs of geocoding requests at off-hours where there might be a lower need for realtime geocoding
  2. Purchase additional instances in the dashboard. For example, adding an additional instance will double your available throughput. Adding two instances would triple your throughput and so forth.
  3. Do nothing. You are welcome to keep processing at unhealthy load numbers, if the performance trade-offs are acceptable.
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