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Getting Started

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Cancel Your Account

If you're seeing Geocodio on your credit card statement and wish you didn't, here's how you can stop further charges.

If you have any trouble with this, please email us:


If you're seeing payments in different amounts every month, or payments some months and not others, there's a good chance you're on our pay-as-you-go plan. You are only charged for what you use, which means if you don't use Geocodio in a given month, you won't be charged.

You can stop any further charges by removing your credit card from your account by logging in to the Dashboard and going to billing (direct link to remove the card here).

Geocodio Unlimited

By default, Geocodio Unlimited renews every month (or year) on the first purchase date. To turn off renewal, go to the Billing section of the Dashboard and click Switch to This Plan under Pay-as-you-go.

Geocodio Maps: $49/month

If you're seeing charges for $49/month, this means you have a Geocodio Maps subscription. To downgrade, go here and click "Switch" under Free.

How to Switch from Unlimited to Pay-As-You-Go via Dashboard (Video Tutorial)

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